Rottnest Island

Imagine escaping to a secluded island paradise, where turquoise waters meet pristine sandy beaches, and the air is filled with the sweet smell of freedom. Well, look no further than Rottnest Island.

This hidden gem, located just off the coast of Western Australia, is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. With its crystal-clear bays, unique wildlife, and rich history, Rottnest Island promises an unforgettable experience for those who seek solace in the beauty of nature.

So pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and let the wonders of Rottnest whisk you away on an unforgettable journey.



Rottnest Island is located approximately 18 kilometers off the coast of Perth, Western Australia. It is situated in the Indian Ocean, making it a perfect getaway from the bustling city life.

Size and population

It covers an area of about 19 square kilometers, making it a compact yet diverse destination. Despite its small size, it attracts a large number of visitors each year. The permanent population of the island is relatively small, with just under 100 residents.


The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters. During the summer months, temperatures can soar above 30 degrees Celsius, providing the perfect conditions for beach activities.

In winter, temperatures are more moderate, ranging from 13 to 19 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal time for exploring the island’s natural beauty.

Rottnest Island


Aboriginal history

Rottnest Island holds great significance in Aboriginal history, with evidence of human presence dating back thousands of years. The local Indigenous people, known as the Noongar people, have a deep connection to the island and consider it a sacred place.

The island was once used as a hunting and fishing ground, and ancient Aboriginal artifacts can still be found today.

European settlement

The island was first discovered by European explorers in the 17th century, but it wasn’t until the early 19th century that it was officially settled. The establishment of a prison and later a penal colony on the island brought significant European influence to the island, shaping its development and history.

Quokka discovery

One of the most remarkable events in Rottnest Island’s history was the discovery of the quokka, a small marsupial unique to Western Australia. Dutch explorers mistook the quokkas for giant rats, leading them to name the island “Rat’s Nest,” which later evolved into its current name, Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Island

Flora and Fauna

Marine life

The waters surrounding Rottnest Island are teeming with marine life, offering endless opportunities for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Colorful coral reefs, tropical fish, dolphins, and even the occasional seal can be spotted in these pristine waters.

Terrestrial animals

Aside from the famous quokkas, Rottnest Island is home to a variety of terrestrial animals. There are several bird species, including eagles, ospreys, and pelicans, which can be observed soaring above the island.

Reptiles such as skinks and bobtails can also be found, adding to the island’s diverse wildlife.


The island’s vegetation is characterized by coastal heathlands, which display an array of colorful wildflowers during the spring season. Eucalyptus trees dot the landscape, providing shade and shelter for the island’s flora and fauna.

Rottnest Island



One of the most popular activities on Rottnest Island is cycling. With no private vehicles allowed on the island, cycling is the perfect way to explore its natural beauty and breathtaking coastline.

The island offers various cycling trails of different lengths and difficulty levels, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Snorkeling and diving

The crystal-clear waters surrounding Rottnest Island provide excellent visibility for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. With numerous snorkeling sites accessible from the island’s shores, visitors can discover vibrant coral reefs and swim amongst a variety of tropical fish.

Diving enthusiasts can also explore underwater caves and shipwrecks that surround the island, providing a unique and exciting experience.


Fishing is a popular pastime on Rottnest Island, with an abundance of fishing spots available both onshore and offshore. Visitors can try their luck at catching a variety of fish species such as snapper, whiting, and herring.

Whether fishing from the jetty or hiring a boat for a deep-sea fishing adventure, there are options for both beginners and experienced anglers.


Rottnest Island is a haven for surfers, offering a variety of breaks catering to different skill levels. Strickland Bay, Salmon Bay, and Stark Bay are some of the island’s popular surf spots, providing challenging waves for experienced surfers.

Beginners can also enjoy the thrill of catching small waves in more sheltered areas.


For those looking for a more relaxed activity, Rottnest Island offers a picturesque nine-hole golf course. With stunning ocean views and a laid-back atmosphere, golfers can enjoy a round of golf while soaking in the island’s natural beauty.


Hotels and resorts

Rottnest Island offers a range of hotels and resorts catering to different preferences and budgets. From luxury resorts with ocean views to more affordable options, there is accommodation available for both families and couples looking for a comfortable stay.


For those wanting to immerse themselves in nature, Rottnest Island also provides several campgrounds. Camping under the stars allows visitors to experience the island’s serenity and beauty at its fullest.

Caravan and camping sites are available, equipped with essential facilities for a comfortable outdoor stay.

Holiday homes

For a more private and self-contained experience, holiday homes can be rented on Rottnest Island. These fully furnished homes provide a home-away-from-home experience, giving visitors a chance to relax and enjoy their island getaway at their own pace.


Ferry services

Reachable only by sea, Rottnest Island can be accessed via regular ferry services departing from Perth and Fremantle. These services cater to both day-trippers and overnight visitors, providing a convenient and scenic way to reach the island.

Bike rentals

As private vehicles are not allowed on the island, bike rentals offer the perfect solution for getting around and exploring the island. Bikes are readily available for hire at various locations, allowing visitors to easily access the island’s attractions at their own pace.

Bus tours

For those who prefer a more guided experience, bus tours are available to explore Rottnest Island. These informative tours take visitors around the island’s most significant landmarks and often include commentary on its history, flora, and fauna.

Cultural Significance

Aboriginal heritage

Rottnest Island holds deep cultural significance for the Noongar Aboriginal people, who consider it a spiritual place. The island’s rich Aboriginal heritage can be experienced through guided tours and cultural activities, which offer insights into traditional ways of life and the significance of the land to the local Indigenous people.

Quokka selfies

The quokka, which is unique to Western Australia, has gained international fame due to its photogenic appearance and friendly nature. Many visitors to Rottnest Island take the opportunity to capture a selfie with these adorable creatures, making it a fun and memorable experience for all.


Rottnest Island Authority

The Rottnest Island Authority is responsible for the management and conservation of the island’s natural and cultural heritage. Through their dedicated efforts, they aim to protect and preserve the island’s unique ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.

Environmental initiatives

Rottnest Island is committed to sustainability and has implemented various environmental initiatives. These include waste management programs, energy-efficient infrastructure, and the protection of the island’s native flora and fauna.

Visitors are encouraged to support these initiatives by practicing responsible tourism and respecting the island’s fragile ecosystem.

Events and Festivals

Rottnest Channel Swim

The Rottnest Channel Swim is one of Western Australia’s premier open water swimming events. Participants swim the challenging 19.7-kilometer course from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island, showcasing athleticism and determination.

Spectators flock to the island to cheer on the swimmers, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

Rottnest Island Fun Run

The Rottnest Island Fun Run is a popular event for both locals and visitors. Participants can choose between a 5-kilometer or 10-kilometer run, taking in the island’s scenic beauty along the way.

The event attracts runners of all ages and fitness levels, making it a fun and inclusive experience for everyone.

Bay Swim

The Bay Swim is a thrilling open water swim event held in Thomson Bay, Rottnest Island’s main settlement. Participants navigate a challenging 1.6-kilometer course, showcasing their swimming skills in the island’s picturesque bay.

The event offers a unique perspective of the island’s coastline and attracts both competitive swimmers and recreational participants.


Rottofest is an annual comedy and music festival. Showcasing local and international comedians and musicians, the festival provides a platform for emerging talent and entertains audiences with a diverse range of performances.

With a picturesque backdrop and a laid-back atmosphere, Rottofest has become a highly anticipated event for both comedy and music lovers.

Visitor Facilities

The Settlement

The Settlement offers a range of visitor facilities. It is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes, allowing visitors to indulge in local cuisine and shop for souvenirs.

The Settlement also houses the island’s Visitor Centre, providing information on tours, attractions, and upcoming events.

Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre is a central hub for information and assistance. Visitors can obtain maps, brochures, and guides to help plan their itinerary and make the most of their time on the island. The friendly staff at the Visitor Centre are always ready to provide advice and recommendations tailored to individual interests.

Restaurants and cafes

Rottnest Island boasts a selection of restaurants and cafes, offering a variety of dining options to suit every taste. From casual beachside cafes to fine dining restaurants, visitors can indulge in delicious meals made from locally sourced produce while enjoying stunning views of the ocean.


Rottnest Island is a unique and diverse destination offering a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages. Whether it is exploring the island’s rich history, witnessing its abundant wildlife, or simply relaxing on its pristine beaches, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

With its commitment to conservation and sustainability, Rottnest Island continues to protect its natural beauty and cultural heritage, ensuring that future generations can also experience its wonders. So grab your bike, snorkel, or golf club, and embark on an unforgettable adventure on Rottnest Island.

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